Colour transformation at a fraction of the cost

Finishing for a range of exterior surfaces, including hull, superstructure and deck heads.

Colour transformation at a fraction of the cost and time of repainting, whether for a special event or longer term.

Protection against UV and chemical damage to uphold the quality of the yacht’s finish.

We work with the best products from brands like 3M, to ensure your yacht is always looking its best after a new vinyl coating.


The hull is one of the prominent features of a luxury yacht. Whether you are looking to complement the existing paint system with a protective coating, or are looking to change up your aesthetics for something exciting and new, there is a vinyl coating solution for you.

Exterior Surfaces

Vinyl coatings are not just for the hull. Our range of high-quality films can be used to protect areas with greater wear and tear, exposure to damaging UV rays, or those parts of the boats that experience greater chemical contact.


Deckheads can be cumbersome to remove and paint, and differences in fluid colours between batches can present continuity issues when it comes to redoing only certain sections. With our coatings, deckheads can be revived or transformed ensure flawless, consistent application results from a set range of fixed colours.


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Feadship motoryacht 81m

Hull & Superstructure

60m CMN motoryacht exterior

Hull & Superstructure

M/Y Galaxy – CRN 56m

Hull & Superstructure

M/Y Elixir – Amels 55m

Hull & Superstructure