Our Philosophy

What sets us apart from other companies?

Aside from the skills of our team, we believe it’s our attitude to providing you with outstanding flexibility and quality of service.

Our philosophy is to offer you convenience and the best service in our field.

We will travel to you, wherever you are in the world.

Our Skills

V.Co Design specialises in providing innovative coatings solutions to superyachts, using only the best premium self-adhesive films that are environmentally friendly, and both time efficient and cost effective to apply.

We cover all your decorative and technical surface needs, from exterior protection and colour changes to interior transformations, as well as biocide-free, durable antifouling systems and glass finishes.

With globally available, expert in-house fitters, our team understands the importance of providing flawless service, offering clear quotes and honest advice to work in harmony with your current paint system.

When it comes to your superyacht, choose a style, not just a finish.


Sophie Massa

Sophie Massa

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As one of V.Co Design’s Directors, Sophie understands the importance of being flexible to yachts’ busy schedules and their expectation of the highest standards in customer service. She has a keen eye for detail and strong service mentality, reinforced by her hotel management training and experience working in real estate sales, before joining the world of yachting in crew recruitment and then sales. She loves working with captains, owners and paint companies to help them understand the benefits of vinyl wrapping as an addition to the paint system of a superyacht.

Gilles Massa

Gilles Massa

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With a background in leisure management, our Director Gilles is passionate about the challenges of working in the exciting and creative world of yacht coatings. His aptitude for leadership and organisation help Gilles look after the business activities of V.Co Design, including working with our suppliers and planning our resource management and work flow. He is motivated by excellent performance and the continuous evolution of the services we offer clients. Born and raised on the French Riviera, the sea and yachts have punctuated Gilles’ life since childhood. For him, being able to transform yachts by giving them a new look through vinyl coatings is a huge thrill.